Artwork & Display

Your skull artwork is unique, and each piece is hand cleaned and finished. Metal finished art is created with a minimum of 7 layers of hand applied and finished layers for a lifetime of enjoyment. There are many display options available for your skull artwork.

All skull artwork pieces have a protective finish, so dusting is all that is necessary. For longhorns, you may want to wipe the horns with a soft micro-fiber cloth lightly soaked in baby oil to give the horns a nice shine.

Metal coatings help preserve the skull and do not cause damage. The process is permanent, so the metal cannot be removed and the skull will be permanently altered.

Yes! Select "Custom Display Request" when you place your order. Describe your display ideas in the order notes. We will contact you to discuss the vision for your display and provide you with a price quote for the custom work.

Skulls are boiled, washed and degreased. Skulls are whitened with a peroxide formula or hand painted.

A standard wall hanger is a wire attached to the back of the skull and a wall hanger similar to a picture hanger. The hanger supports 50 pounds or 100 pounds.

Wall brackets are heavy-duty hangers specifically made for skulls. No wires are placed on your skull artwork and that helps preserve the finishes. The skull is simply placed on the bracket. The bracket also places the skull at an angle for optimal display viewing.

Orders & Payments

Place your orders on our website or contact us at (303) 810-9021 to order. Any custom work will be quoted and charged before work is started. Client is responsible for all shipping & packaging fees, custom charges, add-ons, etc. which will be charged as agreed before shipment or pick-up.

Custom skull art is a hand finished process. Our goal is to complete your project in 90 days, but delivery time will depend on the number of projects in the shop. We will notify you of any unusual delays.

Payment is collected at the time your order is placed. Any additional costs, such as custom displays, add-ons, shipping costs, etc. will be charged before the order is shipped to you or before pick up is arranged.

Go ahead and place your base-order on our website. We will contact you to discuss all of the details of the final artwork. For example, you can select for a longhorn skull with a copper metal finish, then select "custom display request" because you are not sure of how you want it displayed. After that, you would contact us to discuss your display ideas and finalize the order.

Shipping & Pick-Up

Long Horn Custom Skulls will make every effort to professionally package and ensure the safe delivery of your skull artwork. The client is responsible for all shipping & packaging costs.

We will ship your skull artwork anywhere in the United States. Call for info on international shipping.

Yes! Please contact us for an appointment to pick up, shop our artwork, or drop off you skull and select your custom finishes.

Sources of Skulls & Antlers for Artwork

Skulls may be obtained from hunting, ranches, relatives, shed antlers or skulls found in the wild (deadheads). These different skulls may be found in various conditions from poor to excellent.

Yes! There is a cost to prepare and prime the skull for finishes. There may be additional charges depending on the skull's condition. Contact us for a custom quote.

We can provide a reproduction skull for some species like deer or elk. The reproductions can be left white or metalized with a custom finish. Contact us for a quote. Be sure to follow all state and federal game laws when collecting shed antlers.

Depending on the skull, we can still clean and finish. Excessively rotten or damaged pieces may not be accepted. All will be custom quoted before any work begins. Be sure to follow all applicable state and federal game laws.

Damages or Loss

We will make every effort to carefully handle and protect your artwork. Long Horn Custom Skulls is not responsible for any damages in shipping, care of the skull or processing damage in our shop. All skull are natural, fragile, unique and different; we cannot be responsible for skull condition, skull preparation, age of the animal, time of year or other factors that affect the finished skull artwork. We are not responsible for loss in shipping or if the shipping company discards leaking or stinking packages. Long Horn Custom Skulls is not responsible for loss from theft, fire or other natural loss, shipping loss, or other acts beyond our control. If the piece is received damaged in shipment, we will contact you.

Returns & Exchanges

Custom artwork is one-of-a-kind and cannot be returned or exchanged. All sales and services are final. Finished product sold in collections may be eligible for return or exchange, but client is responsible for all shipping charges and fees. Please contact us with any questions.