Custom Metal Skull Finishes

Custom metal finishes are a unique way to display your skull artwork that will look great in your home, office or cabin. Metal coatings are beautiful, durable and usually less expensive than other mounting options. Your skull will be cleaned, degreased, primed and prepared to receive the metal finish. We can also prime, prepare and metalize your already cleaned skulls. Real metal is applied to each skull in multiple layers. The metal is thick enough to polish but still thin enough to retain the detail of your skull. The metal is treated with rich, beautifully colored patinas that react with the metals to create highlights and depth in each piece. The skull is then polished and burnished to bring the metal to the surface and create a natural shine and highlights. The skull and horns will be finished with a protective sealer to preserve your artwork for a lifetime. Every skull has a minimum of 7 hand-applied layers in the final finished piece. Each custom skull turns out to be a different, unique work of art!

Metal coatings are available in a variety of options, including classic bronze, copper, iron, darkened iron, silver and gold. Select your favorite metal for your skull artwork. You may also select a custom combination of different metals. Contact us with your custom finish ideas.

Custom metal finished skulls can be displayed using a variety of customized displays including habitat bases, driftwood, barn wood and more. Contact us with your display ideas.

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Custom Metal Skull Art

A unique way to display your skull artwork in your home, office or cabin.

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